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Why Us

Doctors choose Jagat Impex for a variety of reasons; we like to think the main reason is our quality. We have been transcribing for several years and our experience shows.

Continuous training and monitoring is part of our daily process and we continue to invest in training and technology on an ongoing basis.

Every transcript completed by our transcriptionists go to our quality control department where they are checked again word by word against the original dictation by an Editor. This ensures the highest possible quality output.

Jagat Impex also makes extensive use of lexicons, dictionaries, directories and other lists and references built up over many years.

We provide clinics and practices throughout America with a highly cost-effective medical transcription service.

We believe our price per line is cost-effective for the high service level we provide. There are of course some companies who may initially offer lower costs per line prices but these should be compared closely.

Following a test sample we can establish a per line price for each individual Doctor/Clinic dependant on the complexity, volume, turnaround and formatting requirements etc.

In general our cost per line varies from between 5c and 9c per 65 Character Line. Toll free services are also availble.

Security and Confidentiality
Security and ConfidentialityWe take security and confidentiality very seriously. As per our company policy we never disclose lists of our valuable clients, which we feel gives our clients & Doctors additional peace of mind.

Transmission of voice files is via our own secure medical servers using the latest 128 bit SSL Encryption.

We have made the process as straight-forward as possible by handling all security measures at server level so that one can connect securely with ease and peace of mind eliminating problems and concerns of older, more complicated encryption processes.

Along with data security we also take client confidentiality very seriously.

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